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October 29, 2015

Watchman’s Adventure: How Jesus uses the Sword of the Spirit (updated 2015-10-28)

Further to what he posted on 12/04/2010, the Biblical truth observed then had truly come to pass. Here is the summary of the original post with the latest update:
In the example of Jesus he observes the following:
1. Jesus knows His authority. He uses His authority calmly and confidently. He does not need to say twice to the demons to get them to obey His commands.
2. He knows where His authority comes from and He is confident of the ultimate sovereign power of the source of authority (God Himself). He does not fear that the authority may not work.
3. He always sees the real root of the problem and addresses it directly. He speaks to that root.
4. He is a spiritual man and He sees, hears and talks to the spiritual beings as though He is talking to the physical beings.
5. He knows His authority covers the natural realm as well as the supernatural realm and effectively uses the same authority to address it, for example, the wind, rough waves, demons, unclean spirits, the functioning of the body, creation etc.
The watchman concluded then that he would choose to go the Jesus way, i.e. issuing simple command with the authority of Jesus, effective and straightforward, to malfunctioning parts, demons and even natural elements.
Since then, the watchman has witnessed that when given the opportunity to put into practice by faith, the words of God came true: Diseases healed. Demons cast out. Oppression and depression lifted. Believers set free. Reconciliations. Restorations. Renewal. Transformations. In most occasions all that was done was giving a simple command in the name of Jesus and ministering in the power of the Holy Spirit by believers, just as Jesus has commanded.
Updated Conclusion:
1. The power of the name of Jesus is real and totally effective.
2. Believers are to walk by faith in the unseen Holy Spirit.

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