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October 28, 2015

How does a watchman hear God’s voice? (a testimony)

How does a Christian hear God’s voice? Today I share my own testimony. For years I sought to hear God. I first encountered God in my spirit and was filled by the Holy Spirit in 1983 in a Spirit-filled church during a six-month work assignment living in a hotel. My spiritual journey stagnated when I returned to my home-base and attended a traditional Evangelical church and its Bible school classes for ten years until my transfer to another town. I spent another ten years in another similar traditional Evangelical church without being taught or built further in my walk in the Spirit. I was taught and trained of many theological studies and their traditional church, Bible school belief, and religious work practices. I was not taught anything about and/or how to practice and minister in the Holy Spirit and the power of God in the supernatural reality. I was filled with head knowledge of the Bible but did not encounter the mighty power of spiritual reality of God and His words. Jesus has said that the flesh (head knowledge of the Bible) profits nothing, and the words He has spoken to us are Spirit and life. In my professional and business venture I have experienced this truth (realizing only after having a major and devastating failure and its resultant significant monetary loss).
I have discovered that it is absolutely essential for a born again Christian to know God and hear Him and the only way is through the Holy Spirit. I arrived at the watershed of my Christian walk when I invested my life saving and knew I had failed even though I was armed with the Bible and the words therein and all my education and professional knowledge and experience. I could not carry on not knowing God is Spirit. Jesus has said that the Holy Spirit would tell us the future. What does He mean? I wanted to know. That started my seeking to hear God’s voice. My journey to become spiritual rather than carnal. The rest is history.
I summarize below the journey:
1. I was introduced to a worship place which emphasized on worshiping God in the Holy Spirit.
2. The grace of God gave me the strength and determination to be humble and hang on despite my dislike and prejudices and critical views of the place.
3. I continued to practice what I learned there at home.
4. I read the Bible to confirm what I learned and practiced.
5. The steps I have practiced over the years: seek God diligently, listen to the voice/words in my spirit, and ask to see visions, record down what I receive (in words, pictures, diagrams, or any other journal ways.)
Last week a friend sent me a link to a book. The friend wrote this remark to me: “Over the years you have shared with us what you have received concerning how you have heard God’s voice, and you tried to teach us the whole process but I did not understand them until I read this present book which has confirmed what you have received even then.”
Here is the link to the book the friend has sent. I pray you may find it simple to apply. For those who are already walking in the Spirit and hearing God in your own way, my prayer is, “Press on.”
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John 6:63 It is the Spirit who gives life; the flesh conveys no benefit [it is of no account]. The words I have spoken to you are Spirit and life [providing eternal life].

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