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February 21, 2012

Watchman Adventure: How does a watchman do his work?

How does a watchman work? He needs to wait upon the Lord and receive messages before he could do anything. Lately the watchman was led in his spirit to do or heed something differently. The overall message is: Be supernatural and be spiritual!
Watch and Pray for signs confirmed by the word of God.
  1. He resumed Sunday afternoon class urgently but with a difference. Instead of the usual teaching conducted by him or another, the class just read the Book of Mark, with everyone reading at the same time about eight chapters each in his own language. They were given about an hour to read and most managed to finish six chapters. Only one English teacher finished eight chapters.
After that he spent about half an hour sharing (with the help of a translator for non-English speaking audience) what the Holy Spirit wanted them to know about these passages. He went through the passages earlier and had some observations, but when he started to share what came forth was entirely Spirit led. When he completed the translator told him that she perceived that it was not from his mind.
Indeed, the watchman received a fresh message from the Gospel of Mark that it was all about authority, the authority of the Son of God, on how to live the Kingdom of God life on earth as in heaven. Jesus (the Son of God) was living and demonstrating to His disciples a supernatural lifestyle. To Him, it was normal. Being able to use His divine authority, calling for repentance, preaching the Kingdom of God message, healing the sick and casting out demons were part and parcel of everyday life. Making physical things that can be seen out of unseen resources like feeding 5000 thousand men plus women and children with only five loaves and two fish, and 4000 men plus with only seven loaves and a few fish, were normal. Commanding the natural elements to obey, wind and waves to stop, walking on water, and many more, were ordinary, normal events.
Of course, the Holy Spirit's giving birth to sons of God through the word of God (incorruptible seed), sons of God being led by the Spirit of God, being redeemed by the precious blood of Christ, and being justified by faith (believing in the unseen Son of God's giving His life 2000 years ago) etc. all supernatural happenings are normal to the Kingdom of God citizens too.
  1. He was led to pray differently for another watchman who has suffered physical excruciating pain for about five months. After such a prolonged period of crisis, he has run out of words to intercede for the person. However, yesterday he was led to read Revelation 8 and 9. When he reached 9:5 he realized that that watchman was a type signifying the reality of end times. When he re-read Chapter 8, he realized the reason why a strange strong wind blew and one of his three tall trees was cut off side way just a few days ago. It was a sign for 8:7. But he asked the Lord for another confirmation and he was led to read Isaiah 24, all about end times. The end times signs and messages are on again with greater urgency. The two signs appeared after the Seventh Seal, at the first and fifth trumpet sounds (out of seven trumpets). Instead of praying for a local situation, he was led to look at the big picture!
  2. He was also led to pray for another intercessor differently. For sometime he was feeling uncomfortable over a closed one (of younger generation), with similar spiritual calling and gifts of seeing visions and receiving prophetic words from the Lord. She appeared super-sensitive over even kindly advice like, not to utter complaints about her own loved ones. He asked the Lord how to pray. He asked for Bible prophet example. The answer came clearly and instantly, the prophet Micah. So he asked further what were the calling of the three of them at this time and space. He was asked to read Nehemiah 3:8. The two intercessors were helping to build the Jerusalem Broad Wall, being the goldsmith and the perfume maker. He is building next to them, as man from Mizpah (which means 'Watchtower')! Again, he was led to look at the big picture and not be distracted by petty localized 'symptoms'!
Summary: Read the word of God with freshness as led by the Holy Spirit; intercede with end times in mind; keep on rebuilding the "Jerusalem walls", focusing on God's big plan for human kind.

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