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May 10, 2011

End Times Witnessing: signs and times revealed to watchman (2) -message to Mark (reblog and revised)

The watchman had received confirmations (including visions, dreams and words) about the signs of the times after writing this blog. Indeed, the Big and ravaging destructive earthquakes, floods, Tsunami, and Twisters came after this blog which was based on visions seen in August 2010. Economic development in some of the richest nations confirmed this as well.

Today he is led to reblog the following blog and urge his dearly beloved ones to read. All who are dearly beloved of God must read!

__________________Originally Posted 2010 September
The revelation and answer from the Lord continues. The watchman woke another morning to receive more specific answers to his prayers. He was led to read Jeremiah’s Lamentations on the previous evening thinking that he was reading for Israel. However, this was clarified this morning. He was still sleeping but the Spirit was already in conversation with his spirit. They were discussing the signs of end times. Then he was told that Lamentations was … Read More

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