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April 1, 2014

a letter: each must find his/her or its own course and follow through to its end

Last night I slept after 2 something.I came back from a posh French dinner and had a scare when my mobile phone was jammed at the starting screen and couldn’t be shut down. I did open both ends and found that they did not house the battery. Later I waited for the battery to run out using the fan at full blast to cool it to prevent explosion if any. my over imaginative mind…sigh.
Then I went on internet and discovered this phone’s battery was fixed and could not be removed!
How to shut if off ? A blogger advised that he did it by pressing the on-off button and the sound volume increase-decrease button at the same time.
Anyway my prayer was answered. The phone actually shut down itself when the battery was exhausted. Then I recharged the phone and discovered to my relief it came back to ‘life’ by itself. (Rather, by angels’ working overtime! )
While all these were going on, and I was sitting in darkness in the humid and sweaty night, I thought of how even a jumbo jet could exhaust its fuel and shut down itself wherever it 'happened' to land itself (on solid ground or on stormy raging waters).
So is life without God.
There is an appointed time for each appointed living being and even non-living thing. How awesome is our Creator.
Lesson and reminder learned:
1. appointed time cannot be ignored. It doesn’t change its course.
2. each must find his/her or its own course and follow through to its end.
3. Believers can ask the Lord and follow through without fail if we really want to. Jesus has promised each believer His Spirit to lead and enable us to complete the race in the time appointed to each.
4. Reminder to all: when time is up, it is up. Like choosing a path in the maze: once a wrong choice is made,  it will still lead the mistaken to its end, usually a dead end.
Frightening without the Holy Spirit!
5. My resolution: Must spend the rest of my appointed time to use my spiritual gifts to the max., hopefully, to bring many to the Holy Spirit pathway.
love to all,
an appoinited time for each man

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