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February 2, 2014

Andrew Wommack's Quotes

Andrew Wommack Ministry
  1. "Jesus commanded that you love others the way He loves you. Most Christians think that is impossible. That’s because you can’t give away what you don’t have. You need to personally experience God’s awesome love." -As I Have Loved You
  2. “Whatever we focus our attention on is what will dominate our thoughts (Proverbs 23:7). If our thoughts are dominated by the things of this world then we are going to get worldly results in our lives. We need to focus on God to get godly results.” ― How to Find, Follow, Fulfill God's Will    
  3. “Prayer is not trying to twist God’s arm to make Him do something. Prayer is receiving by faith what He has already done!”   ―Better Way to Pray    
  4. “A lot of churchgoers in America think that merely believing God exists is enough to be saved, but the Bible says, “Thou believest that there is one God; thou doest well: the devils also believe, and tremble” (James 2:19). In other words, it’s no great accomplishment to believe in God—even the devil knows that God is real. You have to do more than mentally acknowledge God’s existence; you have to submit yourself to Him.”
    How to Find, Follow, Fulfill God's Will
  5. “The Lord doesn’t want your service as much as He wants you. He loves you more than He loves what you can do for Him. Now, that’s an important point to make, because in our day and age—especially in the type of church atmosphere that I grew up in—it’s all about service, a push to do something for God. It’s true that you were created for God’s pleasure and glory, but God ’s acceptance of you is not related to what you do for Him. The Lord sacrificed Himself so He could have you, not your service.”
    How to Find, Follow, Fulfill God's Will
  6. “Individual sins (committing a homosexual act, doing drugs, getting drunk, etc.) aren’t what send you to hell. Your sins have been forgiven, but the sin that’ll send you to hell is not accepting the payment for those sins. Everything revolves around how you respond to Jesus.”
    Better Way to Pray    
  7.  “If you’d just center your thoughts and affections upon the Lord, you’d be better of accidentally than you’ve ever been on purpose!” (A Better Way to Pray)
  8.  “Many Christians believe that the only difference between the Old Testament and the New is one blank page in the Bible.” (A Better Way to Pray)
  9. “God’s anointing is not based on your performance, but if you don’t open the Word, you’re stupid, because that’s where the words of life are.” (The True Nature of God
  10. “When I minister healing to someone, I’ll pray for them two, three, four, or more times. I don’t care! I’m willing to pray for them until I rub all the hair off of their head!” (A Better Way to Pray
  11. “Many believers haven’t seen the devil or a demon in years. He doesn’t have to come around. You’re doing a perfect job ruining your own life. He taught you how to think and act, and you’ve run with it from there – with good intentions. You’re trying to live for God, but it’s you doing it in human strength rather than God living through you.” (Grace – The Power of the Gospel
  12. “Contrary to popular belief, faith does not move God. He’s not the one who’s stuck!” (A Better Way to Pray, p.44) 
  13. “Some people are waiting until the Holy Spirit just makes them throw their hands up in the air because they’ve never done it before. ‘Well, I just don’t feel led.’ You old carnal thing!” (Grace – The Power of the Gospel
  14. “What a sorry attitude! If I were God, the spirit of slap would come all over me!” (A Better Way to Pray
  15. “It’s a wonder you’re not a pile of ashes! The only reason God’s not ticked off at you is because Jesus did such an effective job.” (A Better Way to Pray
  16. “You have this new spirit on the inside of you and the only thing holding you back is your ‘stinkin’ thinkin’.” (Grace – The Power of the Gospel
  17. “God is El Shaddai, not El Cheapo. The Lord will take care of us better than we take care of ourselves.” (Article: Financial Stewardship
  18. “When it comes to being born again, your soul wasn’t the part of you that completely changed! If you were stupid before you were saved, you’re still stupid after being saved.” (Spirit, Soul, and Body
  19. “When my wife and I first started out in ministry, we were so poor we couldn’t even pay attention!” (You’ve Already Got It
  20. “One of the things I’ve learned is that many Christians never let the Bible get in the way of what they believe.” (Article: Hebrews Highlights
  21. “In Genesis, why didn’t the devil choose a tiger?… Why didn’t he have a wooly mammoth just stick its foot on top of her head and demand, ‘Eat the fruit or I’ll crush your skull?’” (You’ve Already Got It
  22. “The devil isn’t a true lion; he just walks around roaring like one trying to intimidate the Body of Christ. But the truth is, he’s had his teeth pulled, and all he can do now is gum you.” (You’ve Already Got It
  23. “If you never bump into the devil, it’s because you’re going in the same direction.” (Article: How to Be Happy
  24. “It’s wrong, wrong, wrong!” (You’ve Already Got It) (when discussing spiritual mapping and missions trips where people have been instructed not to preach the gospel) 
  25. “Most Christians say, ‘Well, I’m only human, you know. I’m just a man.’ That’s stinkin’ thinkin’! I was only human, but then I became born again. There’s part of me now that’s wall-to-wall Holy Ghost.” (You’ve Already Got It
  26. “That’ll put a shout in a fence post!” (You’ve Already Got It)
  27. Anyone can start a race, but not everyone crosses the finish line. Certainly, not everyone wins the race. It takes a combination of many things in order to finish well . (How To Find, Follow And Fulfill God's Will )
  28. You will not fulfill God’s will for your life accidentally. It doesn’t come to pass through fate or the “sovereignty of God.” You have to have a revelation of God’s will and pursue it in order to fulfill it. It takes effort to accomplish God’s will for your life. And until you know God’s plan for you, it’s impossible to achieve it. (How To Find, Follow And Fulfill God's Will )
  29. Any blessing you could ever need or desire from the Lord is not something to strive for but something you already have. God made the provision before you had the need. It is just a simple matter of receiving what He has already done. (You’ve Already Got It )
  30. It's not what others do to us that makes us angry; it's the pride inside of us that causes us to get mad. (Anger management)
  31. This is so simple you have to have someone help you misunderstand it. The problem is that we have had a lot of help misunderstanding these simple, biblical truths, but we have a solution. (Harnessing your emotions)

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