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June 4, 2012

Experiencing God and find gems here

The watchman found gems in these old books. They answered his many questions. he recommends them to those who need spiritual breakthrough! You will find what you seek.

Excerpts from Your Power in the Holy Spirit, “Consciousness of God” (John G. Lake):  “And I saw that the purpose of Jesus was to produce in the souls and bodies and spirits of man such a consciousness of the living, triune God that man became a king, a living king. I saw the dignity, I saw the power, I saw the manifestation of Spirit that Jesus purposed should be evident in the life of the person who has been really baptized into Godburied in Him, inducted into God, inducted into the nature of God the Father, into the nature of God the Son, into the nature of God the Holy Spirit.”
Christianity is all contained in two letters: B-E. Not performing acts, but being the thing that God purposed.”
Excerpts from Holy Spirit Revivals, “My doctrinal Education” (Charles Finney): “The power to work miracles and the gifts of tongues were given as signs to attest the reality of their divine commission. But the baptism (of the Holy Spirit) itself was a divine purifying, an anointing bestowing on them a divine illumination and filling them with faith, love, peace, and power so that their words were made sharp in the hearts of God’s enemies, living and powerful, like a two edged sword (Hebrews 4:12).”
“Revivals of religion are sometimes accused of making people mad. But the fact is, men are naturally mad on the subject of religion, and revivals restore them rather making them mad.”
“Sunday morning I arose and left my lodgings in the hotel. In order to get alone, where I could let out my voice as well as my heart, I went up into the woods at some distance from the village and remained for a considerable time in prayer. However, I did not find relief, so I went up a second time; but the load upon my mind increased, and I did not find relief. I went up a third time, and then the answer came. I found that it was time for the meeting and went immediately to the schoolhouse. It was packed to its utmost capacity.”
Excerpts from Experiencing God’s Power, “Spiritual Warfare” (Derek Prince): “The warfare is in the spiritual realm; therefore, the weapons are spiritual and appropriate to the realm of the warfare. Theses weapons will be my main theme in the two following sections, “Our Defensive Armor” and “Weapons of Attack”. It is tremendously that we understand where the battle is taking place. ..We absolutely must understand that the battlefield is in the realm of the mind. “
“Satan deliberately and systematically builds strongholds in peoples’ minds. These strongholds and fortresses resist the truth of the Gospel and the Word of God and prevent people from being able to receive the message of the Gospel. What kind of strongholds does the Bible indicate? These are prejudices and preconception.”
“Prejudice is being down on what you are not up on.” “Almost anything about which religious people have not heard, they view with intense fear and suspicion.” “Don’t confuse me with the facts, my mind is made up!”
“Peoples are driven by their prejudices and preconceptions, often to their own destruction.” “The only way to deliver such people is to use our spiritual weapons and break down the strongholds in their minds.”
Excerpts from Experiencing God’s Presence, “The Presence of the Holy Spirit” (Charles Finney): “Why do many people no have the Spirit? It may be that they live a hypocrite life.” “Others are so frivolous that the Spirit will not dwell with them.” ” Others are so proud that they cannot have the Spirit.” “Some are so worldly minded that they cannot have the Spirit.”
“I never knew a person who was filled with the Spirit who was not called eccentric. The reason is that these people are unlike other people. They act under different influences, take different views, are moved by different motives, and are led by a different Spirit. You are to expect such remarks.”
“If you have the Spirit of God, you must make up your mind to accept experiencing opposition, both in the church and the world.” “If the church, sinners, and the Devil oppose you, there will be One with Whom you will have peace.” “Our peace toward God will flow like a river. You also have peace of conscience if you are led by the Spirit.” “Your conscience will be calm, quiet, and unruffled as a lake in summer.”
“If you are filled with the Spirit, you will be useful.”
You will be calm under affliction.” (You will not find yourself distressed, annoyed, or worried when people speak against you).
Indeed, the watchman found a lot of treasures in them!

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