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October 26, 2011

watchman’s adventure: 2011 Yom Kippur (2)

The watchman completed his Yom Kippur feeling refreshed. A group of them decided to gather together and celebrated the last few hours of the fasting. Whilst he had an attack of severe headache around noontime, he felt rested and well after a nap. By the time they gathered together he was feeling well and ready to read the word of God with others.

What he had learned from this year’s fasting:

1. Fasting has to be a life style and not just on one day of the year to be effective. He will carry on fasting in various combinations of ways throughout the following year. It is natural and a way of life now (after he started his journey in the Holy Spirit almost three years ago).

2. He must clarify his motive and set goals before the fasting. Then fasting has his own meaning and value in depth and not just a copycat action.

3. Fasting with a meaningful spiritual purpose is supernatural and help overcome his physical weakness and limitations. He has gained more realistic understanding of Biblical truth in this action of faith.

4. Fasting with others of the same mind as led by the Holy Spirit and Word of God builds faith and strengthens his commitment to the course. Knowing that many others are doing this that particular day has widened his vision and perspectives in life.

5. The right goal motivates him to press on and not give in easily. This is a must for the serious follower who want to become disciple of Jesus Christ!

By the end of the fasting, he was given a bowl of chicken soup. It was delicious! After that he went home and had another liquid drink and felt contented. He was in no hurry to drink coffee or eat a solid meal. The body was no longer his master. His mind was busy chewing on precious revelations.

One wonderful healthy outcome is that he begins to like drinking plain water!

Will he do it again in Yom Kippur 2012? Only the Lord can tell. Meanwhile, he would encourage all watchmen to seriously consider making fasting a regular part of lifestyle too.

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