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October 26, 2011

Holy Spirit broadcasting: both watchman and Jonah heard

The watchman found out that the ancient calling of Jonah is not over afterall and has taken on a new form in the spiritual realm.

On 13th October he attended an evening healing meeting and the Spirit-filled pastor had an anointing to anoint a special group after his preaching. This was the first time he called for those who had previous calling by the Lord but had already forgotten or put their calling aside. To his amazement quite a number of people responded and stood up and let the pastor come round to anoint them afresh to the Lord's calling.
The watchman could not recall any precious calling. So he did not stand up. As he was happily watching others, he heard a soft reminder in his spirit, "Jonah 4, last verse." He turned to that verse (Jonah 4:11) and recalled the long forgotten past many many years ago indeed that was the verse that impacted him! So he was the last one who walked to the altar and had to call after the pastor who by then had left and mingled with the congregation. He told the pastor the verse he received much to the latter's delight.
The next day he received a call to share a message that evening. So he looked up the book of Jonah and meditated on the last verse. He asked the Lord who and where the "Nineveh people" are today. He was led to locate one people group who now live in an area touching 'many nations'! They have no state of their own but they are one unique people group artficially divided into 4-6 nations which boundaries cut through their land. They are named the Kurds.
So he downloaded prayer needs of the group and started to pray for them. He was led in the spirit to download a presentation on how to pray for this group too.
That Friday (14th Oct.) night or rather Saturday morning (1 am) he shared to a group of very tired and sleepy people that the Lord wants them to pray for this group of people. Prior to the sharing he asked the Lord whether it was necessary to speak on such topic and whether there was any audience at all. The Lord asked him whether he would speak if there was only one person who listens. He said yes. Then he heard, what if there is none, would you still speak? He said yes. Then he heard in his spirit that there would be more than one who would hear this message.
The reason the watchman said yes to speak even when there might not be one audience was that he believed that something would happen in the spiritual realm. The Holy Spirit braodcasted the urgency to pray for this group of "Nineveh" people and he was one of those who heard the broadcast in the spirit. He chose to obey in view of verse 4:11 in the Book of Jonah.

Ten days after his unusual sharing, he read the news about the Turkish earthquake.
He now quoted some of them as follows:
"The 2011 Van earthquake was a destructive magnitude 7.2 Mw earthquake that struck eastern Turkey near the predominantly Kurdish city of Van on Sunday, 23 October 2011 at 13:41 local time. It occurred at a shallow depth of 20 km (12.4 mi), causing heavy shaking across much of eastern Turkey and being felt across much of the Near East. Extensive areas sustained heavy damage to their structures, and as many as 1,000 people were feared dead." (excerpt from Wikipedia)
Later, on 26th, he read this latest news, "Earlier on Tuesday, Turkish officials said the death toll has reached 459, adding that 1,352 people were injured in Sunday’s quake." "A 14-day-old infant has miraculously survived 46 hours trapped in debris after the 7.2 Earthquake has shaken Van in eastern Turkey. Latest News report that the missing mother of the bab Azra has also been found.."

An earlier news on 25th: "Van /NationalTurk – Turkish rescue teams pulled an 14 day young infant, a newborn out of a collapsed building, as rescuers hopes of finding more survivors alive were fading. The news comes after a nine-year-old girl was rescued after spending over 30 hours under the rubble. And prior to that Mesut Ozan Yilmaz, 18, was found, 32 hours after the tea house he had been drinking in with friends collapsed on top of him. He walked out miraculously with only few minor scratches. “It was like the judgment day,” he said, explaining the horror he just survived."

Reading rescue stories has warmed one's heart. the number dead is not as earlier predicted by the officials afterall. He prayed that many more miracles would happen. His regret was he did not manage to reach many more intercessors. What saddened him was some had even slept through his presentation. He repented for his lack of forcefulness when sharing this urgent message (also not knowing that it was a SOS message he heard!)

Whilst the watchman does not know the number of global intercessors/watchmen had heard the broadcast in the spiritual realm and responded by prayers and intercessions, he believed that what mattered was the faithfulness of the Lord and His words never returned void even if only one man was interceding.
It is indeed a rewarding job to be 'working' for the Almighty God who loves and wants all peoples to repent and turn back to Him and be saved. His mercy, lovingkindness and grace (undeserved favor) is limitless!
John 3:16 "For God loved the world so much that he gave his one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life. "
 O watchman, watch (and hear the Holy Spirit global broadcast) and pray faithfully!

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