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December 3, 2010

Watchman’s Adventure: a night discourse on Love

Watchman’s Adventure: a night discourse on Love

The watchman does not normally go out at night. He prefers the comfort and quietness of his own garden in the cool evening breeze. But last night he was called to attend a date. The Date (the Holy Spirit) wanted him to attend a worship service where He will have something important to say to the watchman.

So the watchman obediently went. He was full of expectation as this was the first time for him to be called to go to a place for a specific message. He waited there until the later part of the worship and he felt ready to ask the Lord what His message was. Then he heard a small inaudible voice in his heart, “I love you.”

He was a bit disappointed as he thought this was probably his own self or this was a trick by false god(s) (the devil). But the voice asked him, “Is there any other ‘god’ who says to their followers I love you?” The watchman admitted no. Then he also realized that he had never told himself he loves himself. He is not a person who likes to be exposed to the vulnerability of love and other emotion.

So he asked the Lord, “Why do you love me?”

The small voice asked, “Why do you love your beloved?”

The watchman thought for awhile and could not find any reason so he answered, “I just love. ” The small voice said, “I too, just love.”

Then he understood, any other form of love, i.e. love with any reasons or conditions is not love. they are mere rationalizations, demands, conditions, and stipulations with the self in mind and not really for the object of love.

“If you can explain love in the purest way, you can explain God, Who is Love.” He came to this conclusion at the end of the discourse.

During the meeting he suddenly felt thankful for his life and gave thanks to the Lord for two kind and faithful persons who have often helped him doing the things he cannot do. They are faithful ‘assistants’ who come to his aid whenever he needs them, just like his right and left hands. Then he lamented to the Lord that one of them has not yet come to know the Holy Spirit and seems reluctant to do so despite his invitations.

The Lord asked, “How often have you prayed for him and his family?” The watchman was speechless as he hardly remembered them in his prayers. So the Lord said, “Start by praying for this man and his family.” This is the second lesson of Love that the Lord revealed to the watchman on the same date.

It was indeed a wonderful evening out with LOVE!

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