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December 4, 2010

End Times Church countdown: Are you using the right weapon, church?

The watchman recently found an interesting Biblical example illustrating how a man led by the Holy Spirit used the right weapon to overcome a crisis supernaturally as described in 2 Kings 4:31-37.

The passage recorded how Gehazi the servant of Elisha and Elisha the prophet handled the case of a dead child. Gehazi was sent by Elisha to take Elisha’s staff and go to the child and put the staff on his face. The child’s mother refused to go home unless prophet Elisha went too. So he agreed to return with her.

But the servant Gehazi hurried ahead and duly laid Elisha’s staff on the child’s face. Nothing happened. There was neither voice nor hearing from the child. He returned to meet Elisha and told him the child was still dead. It was all done within a short span of time as Elisha was still on his way.

Elisha arrived and found the child was indeed dead, lying on the prophet’s bed (put there by his mother before she went and fetched the prophet). Elisha went in and supernaturally resurrected the child.

The steps carried out by the servant Gehazi and the prophet Elisha are as follows with comments from the watchman with perspective of a watchman-intercessor:

Gehazi the servant: He merely followed the instruction of the prophet. He faithfully brought the prophet’s staff, hurried to the dead child’s house, laid it on the child’s face as instructed. He had no further input as he had none. (We can only give to others what we have). Gehazi had nothing of his own that could give life. But he followed instruction well on this occasion and did exactly what his master told him. There are intercessors who follow the prayer list faithfully. However, as they do not have relationship with the Lord intimately they do not have the confidence to persist in their prayers. They do not have any input other than their own flesh as they do not know how to listen to the Holy Spirit.

They do not know whether the Lord has heard and answered their prayers. They do not know how to use the spiritual authority and power given to them to fight out the warfare against the spiritual enemy. They cannot do so as they cannot see into the spiritual realm where the actual real war is being fought. Their prayers are like jabbing at empty air with feeble forefingers.

Elisha the prophet: He encountered the same problem, i.e. the child was dead. But he adopted an entirely different set of strategy.

1.He went into the room alone, shut the door and prayed to the Lord. He started by going to the presence of the Lord -the original source of life. He interceded for the dead child.

2.Then he took a prophetic act of faith, what his own teacher-master, Elijah had done before (raising a boy from dead too), lay down on the child’s body, by placing his mouth on his mouth, eyes on his eyes, hands on his hands. He was standing in the gap for the child covering the child against the spirit of death, pouring out his own life prophetically for the child.

3.As the child’s body began to grow warm Elisha got up, walked back and forth across the room once, another prophetic act like Jericho March, building a fiery hedge of spiritual protection surrounding the child against the spiritual enemy. Why did he do that? It was possible that he saw or sensed the obstruction in the spiritual realm. So he took further spiritual action to block off the obstruction from the spiritual enemy.

4.Then he repeated his earlier act of faith, stretching out himself again on the child. This time indeed the boy sneezed seven times and opened his eyes! The boy was resurrected by Elisha’s anointed faith in action in the spiritual realm.

What did Elisha do differently? Why was his way effective? Medically and scientifically what the two ‘healers’ did would make no difference in the physical realm.

But Elisha was a spiritual man. He could see into the spiritual realm. He knew how to use his prophetic act of faith which has the anointed authority and power of the Almighty God. For example, in another incident, he knew exactly when and where the enemy king was going to attack Israel and Elisha would always warn the Israelite king beforehand to be on alert. He remained calm when surrounded by the enemy’s great army because he could see into the spiritual realm and saw the Lord’s larger and greater army (the hillside around Elisha was filled with horses and chariots of fire to protect him). But his servant could not see until Elisha asked the Lord to open his spiritual eyes.

He also talked to the Lord intimately and confidently like between close and trusted friends. For example, when the Aramean army advanced toward him, he prayed, “O Lord, please make them blind.” So the Lord struck them with blindness as Elisha had asked. (2 Kings 6:18) Then Elisha went out and led them to the city of Samaria. As soon as they had entered Samaria, Elisha prayed, “O Lord, now open their eyes and let them see.” So the Lord opened their eyes. (2 Kings 6:20)

In the eyes of the natural world, the prophetic faith in action of Elisha would seem irrational, stupid, and even ridiculous. Yet, it had the power to bring life back to the long dead child.

Because Elisha knows God. And God is Spirit. Elisha knows the spiritual reality of life. Thus, he was empowered to accomplish his assignment using spiritual weapon successfully as led by the Holy Spirit. On the other hand, the natural man Gehazi failed miserably because he was using a wrong weapon.

Church, are you using the right weapon? If so, why are so many members being depressed, oppressed, suppressed, crushed, defeated and even dying like flies?

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