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December 25, 2010

End times church Countdown: Christmas prophecy for country and a present for your family

The watchman wrote a blog last Christmas all about dreams and visions he had for his family. This year he wondered what he would encounter in his spirit. So he waited.

____________PROPHECY ONE: a stern warning to nation

On this eve of Christmas he rose as usual and started interceding for another matters. He asked about the prophecy of another senior intercessor and whether his country will be spared just as she has prophecied. He was shown in his spirit the name of one Book, “Nahum“. He was not sure where that Book was located, but when he opened the Bible, the Bible opened on the page, Nahum, Chapter one. so he read the whole Book. It was a judgment on Nineveh, a very successful and well developed capital city at that time.

The conclusion of this Book for his country is frightening: Nahum chapter 3 ”15 But the fire will devour you; the sword will cut you down.
The enemy will consume you like locusts,
devouring everything they see.
There will be no escape,
even if you multiply like swarming locusts.

16 Your merchants have multiplied until they outnumber the stars. But like a swarm of locusts, they strip the land and fly away.

17 Your guards[d] and officials are also like swarming locusts that crowd together in the hedges on a cold day. But like locusts that fly away when the sun comes up, all of them will fly away and disappear. 18 Your shepherds are asleep, O Assyrian king; your princes lie dead in the dust.

Your people are scattered across the mountains with no one to gather them together. 19 There is no healing for your wound; your injury is fatal. All who hear of your destruction will clap their hands for joy. Where can anyone be found who has not suffered from your continual cruelty?”

War defeat, economic failure, political/governmental corruptions/strives and downfalls, religious slumbering, sufferings and oppressions etc. are exactly what happens today. Indeed, the enemy in the spiritual realm consumes like locusts. The country is rich in resources and well developed, and yet, as described in Chapter 2:8-10 ”Nineveh is like a leaking water reservoir! The people are slipping away.

“Stop, stop!” someone shouts, but no one even looks back.
9 Loot the silver! Plunder the gold! There’s no end to Nineveh’s treasures—its vast, uncounted wealth.
10 Soon the city is plundered, empty, and ruined. Hearts melt and knees shake. The people stand aghast, their faces pale and trembling.”

_______________PROPHECY TWO: a Christmas present for family

Enough of gloom. On the eve of Christmas after interceding for his country, he asked the Lord what the future of his own family be like. He was told to read one Book in the Bible particularly one particular chapter. This was the third time he was told that their future will be there. In fact he has forgotten all about this Book and the chapter he was asked to read the last time he asked the Lord on the same topic.

By now the watchman knows how the Holy Spirit talks to him. In fact he has been receiving messages this way. When he asked the Lord, he will receive answer instantly through the Word. Sometimes he forgot that he has asked before and he asked the same topic again and received exactly the same answer!

He does not celebrate the season and give physical gifts anymore. The harsh and sudden wintry cold he has seen in his earlier visions has indeed arrived all over the world! Even in the hottest zone the temperature dropped to below freezing point! Is there anywhere safe in this world to run to and hide? The Lord has answered that question for his family!
He will not reveal the place in this blog but he will let his family know. Are they special people? Not more special than any believing followers of the Lord Jesus Christ!

However, the watchman shares the clue as follows. He prays that all who are led by the Holy Spirit will know the answer.



How to do that? You need to read and believe every word in the Bible for a start! What other better way to herald in the New Year than to gather your whole family to exercising your faith, fast and pray and read through the whole Bible from Genesis to Revelation? As you seek the Lord you will find. God is pleased with faith. (Heb.11:1-3, 6)

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