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December 11, 2016

a horizontal outlook from a watchman

Today I woke with one thing in my mind: an outlook. An outlook can mean: a person’s point of view or general attitude to life: broaden your outlook on life.
a view: the pleasant outlook from the lodge window.
a place from which a view is possible; a vantage point.
the prospect for the future: the deteriorating economic outlook.
What is my outlook in the new horizon? I speak from my little horizon. The spot where I position in a time and a space in time.
Attitude: My general attitude to life will not change much. By adding one chronological year does add wisdom in the conventional sense, such as an increase in the knowledge in modern technology. Virtual reality put us increasingly into the world of the computer. The year has made an exponential difference in this aspect, which in turn impacts all other aspects of life. Overall I have benefitted from solid Biblical spiritual study.
Physical view: Well I have gained some views too by being a traveler. Looking out of different windows in the world has broadened my perspectives. I must admit that many parts of the world are truly beautiful to the eyes. The physical earth is still beautiful.
Vantage point: Spiritually yes. Two big international events took place in two important (as Biblical type) nations this year and confirmed spiritual promptings received beforehand. Changes ahead.
Prospect for the future: Do I see an economic outlook? Yes, I do. My only advice is for readers to read the story of Joseph again and ask the Lord which year you (as an individual) are in now. The fourteen years of prosperity and famine do not fall on the same chronological years for everyone. What about the globe? Or even one particular nation? You may ask. The same principle applies You have to ask the Lord which year now your nation or the globe is at.
Here are some photos I took over this year on the different horizons of life.  Take note that the horizons are not stagnant or fixed. There are at least two sides: my side of the perspective and the other side across the horizon. Someone stands at the other side and looks toward my side and it becomes his horizon. If I look far enough I may see myself there. Remember, the earth is round.
At different New Horizon I have stood. Have I?

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