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July 9, 2016

(Updated July 13) What has Britain’s fate got to do with USA

What has Britain’s fate got to do with USA or the Commonwealth or the rest of the globe?
A lot. Believe me. She is just the beginning of another phase the globe will enter henceforth.

Why I support Andrea Leadsom as Prime Minister for the first independent Britain after EU? I believe she is the anointed one for an entrepreneurial Britain who will sail round the globe and conduct free trade again.
She is not a glamorous civil servant but the ruling days of the bureaucrat is over. Look at the current world history for evidence. No nation or corporation today can afford to pay a general manager with no other skills or knowledge except to administer or talk in rounds of meetings only. No talkers or negotiators can contribute anything productive which the hungry world badly needs. I believe Mrs. Leadsom will be a solid doer and not talker.
I pray the nation wake up and vote for the right choice who will bring back the original enterprising spirit that Britain was formerly good at.
What has Britain’s fate got to do with USA or the Commonwealth or the rest of the globe?
A lot. Believe me. She is just the beginning of another phase the globe will enter henceforth. A right choice fits into a good plan. A wrong choice means acceleration toward a worse end for all. Andrea spoke of one key word when I was prompted to read her speeches before her ascension to the forefront. The day I was alerted was three hours before the final count of Brexit votes came out on June 23rd. She spoke of one word: “Principled“.  I know that is the key word for her. It has been confirmed as a sudden twist of events left her as the only Leave contestant.  (Note: as of July 13, Andrea has pulled out from the race. There is no longer option for this nation right now unless there is another significant shift which can only come from the 17 million who voted Brexit).
Personally, I respect the old values she represents and believe that those values will bring Britain and even those other States, including USA,  which will follow suit, GREAT again. GREATNESS does not mean in greed for selfish power to gratify self. It means successfully bringing a people to align with godly values that have sustained the survival of the human race for thousands of years on this earth. I pray that the nations of the world will wake up and see that there is a spiritual realm that everyone must take heed. It is late but not too late to align with the Creator’s  plan. I am calling out as a futuristic watchman here. I pray it will not be too late for anyone. Forget about the superficial glamour. Look at the spirit behind. 
Andrea Leadsom, the junior energy minister who shot to prominence as a leading voice in the Vote Leave campaign, has secured second place in the Conservative party leadership race behind Home Secretary Theresa May on Thursday, ensuring Britain’s next prime minister will be a woman.
Leadsom was boosted by the support of Johnson, who insisted that despite her relative inexperience she had the “zap, drive and determination” required for the top job.
After the vote, Johnson said: “For the second time in history the Conservatives will have a female prime minster, proving that we are the not just the greatest but the most progressive party in Britain.
“I want to offer particular congratulations to Andrea Leadsom on her stunning achievement. She is now well placed to win and replace the absurd gloom in some quarters with a positive, confident and optimistic approach, not just to Europe, but to government all round.”
Leadsom also received the backing of many of those MPs who, unlike May, had supported the campaign for Britain to leave the EU. She gave a speech on Thursday morning at which she promised to “banish the pessimists” on the risks to the economy of leaving the EU.
Her campaign chief, Tim Loughton MP, said: “It was absolutely right that this would be an all-women shortlist. We have two strong women. We can now given the party a real choice. A remain woman; a leave woman. They both happened to go to state schools. They are both women. Hey, that’s pretty quirky for the Tory party.”
Another Leadsom backer, defence minister Penny Mordaunt, said: “It will be a really exciting contest, I hope it will be really positive. [Leadsom] is in this to win it, what she offers, her unique selling point is her strength on the economy, restoring stability and certainty to our economy swiftly.”
Andrea Leadsom now has about six weeks to woo the Conservative membership, who are likely to be more rightwing, middle class and affluent than the average voter. She will have to appeal to these 150,000 people to get the job of prime minister, and convince them that she can win over the whole country when it comes to a general election. To beat May, the following strategies will be crucial:
Reiterating her fight for Brexit
Highlighting May’s failure to bring down immigration
Classic rightwing policies to appeal to Tory members
The Tory grassroots have been feeling highly neglected in recent years, having reportedly been dismissed by the party’s chairman, Andrew Feldman, as “swivel-eyed loons” – although he denied making that comment. Leadsom could be the person to make them feel loved again by their leader.
Her supporter Peter Bone saying: “She has been out in the real world, working. People are crying out for non-establishment figures. This is not just about governing now, its about winning the 2020 election. Who would be better? I think its Andrea Leadsom.”

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