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February 1, 2014

a testimony on healing: Jesus paid it all !

Jesus paid it all for you and for me !

TESTIMONY update on 2-1-2014

This blogger has spent more than one-third of his life involved in healthcare (medical-physiological and mental health). He was always interested in how to keep a person fit physically, mentally and emotionally. He has enjoyed a healthy life since birth but had started suffering from ‘allergy’ (not proven as doctors never came to a final conclusion after numerous check-ups and tests) since a youth and especially after he started working in a banking environment. He wanted to study psychology but ended up as a banker for over twenty years. In his second profession he realized his dream and studied health psychology. He was particularly focused on rational-emotive and behavioral ways of handling health habits. As a Bible believing Christian, he also learned and practiced how prayers by faith could help ‘supplement’ (or ‘complement’) the medical-mental treatment process. He ‘worked’ as a voluntary worker with a medical professional who had her own clinic practice for over 18 years. They had counseled and ‘treated’ ‘many’.
But they soon realized that even preventive medical and health and mental care had not prevented mankind from suffering from various diseases. This watchman blogger encountered the power of the Holy Spirit and was himself healed of his chronic cold-flu-like diseases for a number of years after he decided to trust the supernatural God 100% and not take anymore medicines or other remedies or supplements from man. God’s words were his only medicine.
He observed and learned that what has worked for him had worked in many all over the world even increasingly known to many as mass and multimedia communication improved and advanced dramatically in the last hundred years, just as in Jesus’ and the early church time.
In recent years he has observed and understood in his spirit that the prophecies concerning the pouring out of the Holy Spirit in the end days is indeed increasingly in progress, That means many multitudes are being healed supernaturally all over the world. Just as many are being saved as they hear the gospel of Jesus Christ and believe, many are being healed! The twin gifts of forgiveness of sins and healing of diseases are being received by all who believe as they hear the gospel of Good News, just as in the times of the early church!
Thus, he has purposed in his heart to share the Good News increasingly and introducing to all who click on his blogs.

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