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October 21, 2013

Healing the sick world (1)

Whilst there are many ills in the world today, the number one enemy that has struck human race is still sicknesses. I shall be posting relevant divine healing information for those who are seeking healing help that the human world can no longer offer.
Please check out and ask the Lord Jesus (the Holy Spirit) to lead you.
Here is today's healing information on healing God's Way:

Healing Ministries


According to the Word of God, healing is still for today and it has been purchased for you! Through our healing ministries, many have come to know Jesus as their healer. If he has done it for once he will do it again for you. Follow the links below for opportunities to learn more about God’s healing power.

God has demonstrated to us many amazing testimonies of His healing power. We have listed online just a sample of what he has done at our church and through our healing ministries.

Healing Explosions are special healing services taught by Dr. Sandra Kennedy. These services take place in Augusta, GA and are free to anyone who would like to come. For those unable to attend in person you can watch us live online. Archived services are available to watch at any time.  

The purpose of our Healing Teams are to minister healing to those home-bound or hospitalized within a 100-mile radius of Augusta, GA.

Our Healing Center, located in Augusta, GA is opened Monday thru Friday to minister healing to those who attend. People from all over the world have come to spend a week with us, soaking up God’s Word on healing.

The Healing Center

 About the Healing Center
The Healing Center is a lovely Christ-centered facility dedicated to ministering healing to those who have life-threatening illnesses. The Center was founded and based upon a vision given to Dr. Kennedy by the Lord. It is our Father’s heart’s desire that we be healed, and He has made provision for healing in His Word. The purpose of the Healing Center is to teach what the Bible says about health, healing and wholeness, and to teach participants how to experience the healing power of God.
Acceptance Criteria
Applicants must be willing to make a personal commitment to learning the Word of God by attending classes or individual sessions. They must also be committed to reading, meditating, and confessing the Word based on instructions given to them. Our participants are required to continue the medical care and medications prescribed by their physicians.
Cost to Participants
The only cost to our participants is their time and commitment. There is no charge for our services. However, donations and love offerings are greatly appreciated.
Monday-Friday              10am-1pm
Monday & Thursday      6pm-7pm

Contact Us by Email or Call 706-737-6687

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