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December 30, 2012

spiritual journey 2012 in review: further sailing on uncharted waters

2012 has turned out to be a year of impossible changes. To men it was impossible. To God nothing is impossible. So the watchman has observed.

The watchman did considerable watching through out the year albeit missing the signs completely at certain crucial moments. He paid for such costly omissions.

The following are some examples of how some signs were ignored or were accurately heeded:

1. When someone wanted to give a large sum of money to help to bail out a church member, believing that the Holy Spirit has told her to do so, the watchman received a warning in the words of God. His Bible turned to 'Judas Iscariot' at least twice at that time. He did not persuade the person not to give the money because he did not want to be accused of presuming that others could not hear the Holy Spirit accurately. So they went ahead. The condition was that the person went for healing and deliverance after her bail-out. It did not happen. In his latest journey to see God, he again interceded for the person when the Lord showed him the word ‘Judas Iscariot’ (Mark 3:19) while praying in the Spirit with another intercessor. At the end of the prayer, the other intercessor told him not to intercede for that person again as the case would be closed on 31-12-2012 if that person does not repent by that date. This requires a miracle as 31st December is only a day away.

2. On the other hand, he did the appropriate intercession when prompted by the Lord while praying in the Spirit on that same occasion. He saw the verse on ‘Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit (Mark 3:29) and the name of a pastor came to his spirit. So he interceded for that pastor. When he finished praying the intercessor told him the case broke through. He was happy and relieved. He walked by faith and not by sight.

3. In another case the signs were very clear, as they built up in momentum over a short period of months. He received the clear verse to depart from a 'place of worship' on 30th June 2012. He hesitated but events soon took place at an accelerated rate to confirm the signs (which came to him in the Bible words). Others received similar warning words too and conveyed to him. Dreams, visions and words combined through revelation received by a few persons gave him the final leading to ‘run’.

Spiritual discernment is a absolute must for a spiritual watchman intercessor. It requires faith. it also takes time. The watchman is thankful that throughout the journey he had access to other watchmen and intercessors. Their prayers and advice indeed helped him to avoid some pitfalls. He has been humbled and had to make adjustments in his lifestyle.
He has learned that the Lord demands the best. Knowing the Lord is the number one priority for all watchmen. There is no substitution for reading God’s word (the Bible). Living by the Spirit and being led by the Spirit (as required of all sons of God) require obedience and constant practice too.

He was led to read the Bible from the beginning to see God. The Old Testament characters provide rich food for his spiritual journey. His lifestyle changes mainly involved redistribution of time: sleep time, wake time, eat time, fast time, Bible reading and meditating time, praying in the Spirit and singing in the Spirit time, praying in understanding time, discipleship time and teaching time, worship time and time spent before God. The changes involve quality change and quantity change as well. His life has never been so fulfilled before.

Overall he would describe the year 2012 as a year of signs and wonders for his little world. He has been comforted by the Lord in answered prayers (including undeserved favor and mercy) for some of his own family members and also blessings for the few families who worship with him and diligently seek God even at odd hours, determined to know God at all costs!

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