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April 7, 2011

Days after Quakes and Tsunami: “Never Let me Go” (reblog for a Japanese blogging friend)

Here it is, ‘Never let Me Go’, the tragedy of being clones trying to become human through love. Alas, it never could be no matter how hard they tried. Only humans have spirits (which live on forever). Where do clones go after they no longer function temporarily as live humans want them to? One wonders. Alas, many humans do not even know they are humans with an eternal spirit that can only come from God. They live in the physical and sensual realm, and perish when these two realms pass away, being mere mortals on earth…

A sixty year old Japanese man was rescued from a piece of floating roof after two days. He told the rescuers that he had lost his wife. The watchman once got to know someone through sharing the same interest of reading books written by Kazuo Ishiguro . Here are some quotes from Kazuo Ishiguro. The excerpts are from “Never let me go” (2005) and “The remains of the day” (winner of the Booker Prize, 1989) Quotes_____________ “I keep thinking about … Read More

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