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February 12, 2011

end times church countdown: visions for the night

During the last conference for intercessor the watchman saw gloomy night visions about end times. He duly recorded the pictures which he summarised as follows for other intercessor watchmen.

1. 2 night scenes of rows of tall trees thickly linked to each other along the side of a road and a slope respectively. These are trees of righteousness planted by the Lord (Isa.61:3)

2. 2 scenes of entrances to underground tunnels with a few people walking toward the entrances.

3. 2 night scenes of a man looking from a valley with steep slopes on both sides. One scene showed the slopes as dark but the sky beyond the valley was of white light. Another scene showed the slopes as of white light but the night sky beyond the valley was pitch dark. (Isa.21:12)

4. An indoor scene: inside a big empty hall lined and packed with rows of empty chairs (like a run down theatre) with one or two persons or spirits(?) standing around. (The watchman’s spirit knew that it was an ex-mega church at end times. The members had deserted back into the world during the rule of the beast as they had never learned to live supernaturally without the worldly system). Then he heard a clear reminder: There is no such thing as being a ‘BYSTANDER’. You are either in or out.”

5. 2 snow scenes: one view was from indoor looking through the window. It was bleak and void of lives out there. In another scene he could only see the heads of a few people sticking out of the snow.

6. On more cheerful note, he saw scene of buttery yellow/golden fluid flowing down all walls when the anointing of the Holy Spirit poured (at that time, the speaker confirmed his vision by asking all participants to lift up their hands to receive the anointing). In another session he saw cosmic activity in the heavenly realm in various shades of purple flowing like thick fluid. It was indeed an awesome sight, confirming the greatness of our God and the might of His hands.

Note: The theme of the teaching during the conference was on Revelation 12 and Daniel 12.

Isaiah 21:12 12 The watchman said,

“ The morning comes, and also the night.

If you will inquire, inquire;

Return! Come back!”

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