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December 2, 2010

Watchman’s adventure: The Holy Spirit confirmed thrice!

The watchman was told a prophecy of his next assignment. He asked for confirmation. When he first heard it he thought it would require a miracle to accomplish it. But he was looking at the physical world and his natural resources then.

However he said he would be willing to go when his is fully equipped to do so. Then to his surprise things started moving very fast, with more visions, dreams and confirmations showing the intensified moving of the Holy Spirit. He discovered that his gifts were being sharpened and multiplied supernaturally.

Yesterday he received a final confirmation which indeed meant the Lord is serious about keeping His Word.

It started with a vision someone saw several years ago at his late mother’s funeral. The vision showed his mother very young with five small kids all facing one direction looking at an unfamiliar scenery. Two kids were wearing helmets on their heads.

Next was a discovery that the scenery actually exists in a region and there is a name to it.

After that there was a prophecy that he and four others will go there one day.

After that there was another geographical vision showing the place where one of the others will be going to stay within that region. But there was no name to that place.

Two weeks ago the watchman and the intercessor who saw the vision decided to search the internet maps to identify the exact location. When they came across a map, the intercessor recognized the exact spot and asked the watchman the name as she could not read the language. So the watchman took note of that name. After that they stopped looking as he was told by the Lord that He will provide the place and all resources when he sends them.

Yesterday he heard from another one of the other four that he had received an opening to go to a place and live there, and he casually mentioned a place name (unaware of the above mentioned map findings and earlier vision of the location). To the watchman’s amazement, the place name is exactly the name of the location he and the other intercessor identified on the map which matched her vision.

To his further amazement when he looked up the description of that location he found that it was exactly as required for weather, food, and ease of adjustment to living!

The Lord is an awesome God!

(The watchman admits he will have no excuse not to obey when the times comes.)

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