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December 24, 2012

Revised 2012 December: End Times Christmas Horror Movie is here again, the watchman laments...

End Times Christmas Horror Movie is here again! Watchman laments…

Watchman’ update on 23rd December 2012
This dream was recorded on May 2, 2010, more than two years ago. It has become more and more real. The world has not become better and safer as predicted by the educationists, pundits, fortunetellers and ‘prophets’ of various beliefs.
The killing fields do not now confine to third and undeveloped parts of the world. Little children and teachers who try to protect the little ones can be killed without sense and reason in highly civilized society and nation. The education system and family system have failed. The medical system has failed.
The real killers are unseen. The enemies are not flesh and blood. They cannot be fought and eradicated by human flesh and blood armies or physical weapons. The law and order systems in this world have failed. The government system has failed.
The beliefs (religious or secular) in this world have no solutions that work. The social covenant system has failed.
What can a watchman/messenger do when he sees, hears or dreams of dangers? He can sound the ram horn and convey the message. But he cannot do the fighting of prevention on his own.
The prophetic question “Have not the little ones in our family been attacked enough?” posed to him by another watchman intercessor rings in his ears now, at the bleak December 2012 morning…
He had just returned from a spiritual journey by faith. The travel was both physical and spiritual. He had been through tests on both his physical and spiritual ‘stamina’. He did not know the real reason and what he had to go through beforehand. It turned out to be a worthwhile journey finished with a most unusual prophet act. But that is another post for this blog.
—————————The original post on May 2, 2010
It is not often that the watchman remembers what he dreams. He dreams a lot and he knows he is dreaming. Often he tells himself that he must remember this dream because it is very interesting and may be meaningful, but when he gets up he forgets everything about the dream! He was often consoled that that meant that dream was not that important or the Holy Spirit would make him recall it vividly.
Recently he dreamed of another end time dream. It was so sad and horrible. He woke in cold sweat and rushed downstairs to his prayer table as he could sense the urgency in his spirit to intercede for lost souls. In fact, lately he had not been thinking of end time but the dream suddenly appeared.
It was like any ordinary outing he went with another. They were in an ordinary tourist camp. The people were ordinary people like them and the camp was an average site with no particular attractions. People (all strangers to the watchman) went there just for a break from their daily routine. One middle age man (in his fifties?) was not feeling well and was taken to a ‘sick bay’. Then the watchman decided to go and see how he was.
He went to where the man was confined and found that it was a secluded cement building like a slaughter-house. He peeped inside and found a lot of cement tables on which men were being bound and tortured. That tourist man was there on one of the tables. He was being tortured and crying out in despair. The torturers were watching their victims without expressions, like they were just doing their routine job.
The poor tourist repeatedly screamed out these words, “Why has this happened to me? How come I ended up this way? How can this be?” It seemed he could not believe that he, an innocent man, could ever end up in a torture chamber. He could not find in his heart that he ever deserved such cruel fate. He was crying out at the injustice.
the watchman knew then he was in the enemy camp and could be in danger too so he quickly found his fellow traveler and the two escaped through an open window with the help of a friendly young person (possible an angel).
Then he woke.
Reading the daily news has become like watching end time horror movies. People everywhere in the world were being slaughtered en mass. Human lives have become cheap and fragile like those of flies. He has become so used to them that his heart feels numb. It seems like the heart has learned to grow layers of onion skins to shield itself from hurt.
However, the dream was a wake up call. He knew that even the innocent was not spared. He remembered a warning by someone, “Have not the little ones in our family been attacked enough?” (So how can anyone continue to choose to be a bystander?)
There is really no option for any Christian. Every committed follower of Christ has one mission, that is, to do the work that Christ Jesus had done on earth and even greater works than His. It was a command from the Lord Himself.
What is the watchman’s mission? To keep watch, to look out, peer into the distance, to scope something out, to see approaching danger and warn those endangered.
So the watchman has decided to obey the wake-up call. He will continue to keep watch and warn. Sometimes he does wonder whether anyone ever listens to all these cries. But his job is to see and tells. He is just a watchman looking from the tower in the city wall.

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